Buying a house in Portugal

Information in English will be available shorty - the information is however available in English on the Portuguese government site

We are simply putting the information into steps 1-7 being the steps purchasing a house in Portugal with added relevant information.

Step 1 Find a property that suits your requirements 

Step 2 Visit the property in order to make your own personal assessment 

Step 3 Place a bid or make a reservation

Step 4 Register a tax number in Portugal 

Step 5 Planing and preparation for the title deed registration and completion of purchase

Step 6 Title deed registration and completion of purchase

Step 7 Payment of property tax and property related cost

In Portugal the authorities have taken great measures in simplifying the purchase process and today there is for example the CasaPronta desk service which is a one stop service for purchasing property. We advise to follow the steps above and always have a representative fluent in both Portuguese and your language as it may otherwise feel difficult to follow what in essence is a straight forward process.

Soon we will have the detailed information that currently is available only in Swedish also in English - contact us should you wish more information on this topic right now.