Investment Opportunities

Madeira Islands is an autonomous region in Portugal located geographically in the Atlantic Ocean off the North African coast. The climate benefits from its geographical location as well as from the Gulf Stream resulting in a sub tropical climate with a number of microclimate areas.

This gives a lush green island with an very comfortable climate all year round and a tourism season that includes the whole year.

The last two years Madeira a has seen a significant increase in hotel occupancy at the same time as local holiday accommodation in form of Alojamento Local also has increased. The hotel sector is hiring and expanding. The expansion is however modest and according to plan.

Some of Madeiras strong features include genuine environments when it comes to nature, city and sea experiences. The diversity is amazing and the distances are short - you may on the same day go hiking up above the clouds in the mountains and the same afternoon enjoy a luxurious afternoon tea or perhaps wine tasting in the lovely city of Funchal.

Part of the increase in tourism Madeira has seen over the last few years is due to that more and more tourist seek a safe location for their holidays and this is something Madeira can offer in abundance from a number of perspectives. This is an interesting factor as it brings new groups of tourists to Madeira and Madeira always have had an incredibly high number of tourist returning due to the high quality and genuine holiday experiences that are offered. Madeira is one of those classic holiday destinations enjoyed by the British and French already in the 1800's.

There are a few very interesting commercial properties available that provide good return on invested capital. You will find hotels, rental properties and large city projects with approved planning.

Currently we are able to present among others a commercial building containing 20 apartments being studio or 1 bedroom apartments with kitchenettes. It is a renovation project, located in the hotel area with sea view, all apartments have balconies. This is not yet advertised locally and provides a clear opportunity for a return on invested capital of up to 10% upon completion of project either as a holiday rental property or creating a small concierge serviced private apartment building - very attractive as a low entry level, high quality, high service solution for retired foreigners looking for winter accommodation abroad in attractive climate.

FASP can assist you in visiting the property, negotiating the price and terms of purchase, provide project management for renovation and sales assistance.

Talk to us if you find this type of investment interesting and we will be able to provide more details on this project as well as others.

The autonomous government in Madeira welcomes foreign investment and as a result a number of benefits are available. Invest in Madeira Agency will open this winter with the sole purpose to attract and assist foreign investors.