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Selected By FASP  - location, quality, price and view - all factors controlled with the Selected by FASP concept all you need to do is to consider if the specific property is the perfect match for your requirements.

Selected by FASP is in other words our service that makes it easy to go from dream to reality when it comes to owning your own home abroad. 

Selected by FASP is how you benefit from us being locals in Portugal and Sweden. It allows us to understand what you need when about to choose your home abroad as well as the capacity to find what is the Best Buy Available in the type of property that fits your requirements.

So how does it work? First of all our well established contact net is crucial, being locally well oriented and at home in Portugal is also crucial to really knowing what is a good location and price. We have equally long experience in property related business including the actual understanding of construction methods and qualities. 

And when it comes to the views from properties it's simple really - we think that if you purchase a property in south of Europe or on an island off the African coast like Madeira off course you should have a sea view. There is something very special with endless sea view. 

In Madeira we consequently only handle properties with sea view and in the Lisbon area a great view may include the Atlantic Ocean, the river Tejo, beautiful rooftops or city perspectives. But we equally love nature and in Madeira you may very well end up having a spectacular sea view as well as astonishing mountain and nature views. Great views in the Portuguese mainland may off course also be a view over wine yards, olive or cork tree plantations.

Selected by FASP is the comfortable way to purchase your property in Portugal wether it be on the mainland or on Madeira. Location, price and quality provides you with a Best Buy and the view will provide you with excellent quality of life for the duration of you owning the property.

It's easy to buy property in Portugal with FASP