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  • Is Madeira the New Zealand of Europe?

Is Madeira the New Zealand of Europe?

And if it is what does that really mean?

Definitely something to keep an eye on from the perspective of property in Madeira.Madeira Property

Portugal is considered the third safest country in the world after Iceland and New Zealand, and yes Madeira is one of the safest regions within Portugal. (Source Global Peace Index) 

Add to this a comfortable climate all year round - not to hot in the summer and comfortably warm in the winter. This gives excellent conditions for self sustainability already from small areas of land. Madeira was the first most successful location for sugar cane agriculture in the world. Then wine and now subtropical and tropical fruits such as banana and still wine and traditional produce are grown with success. Extraordinary conditions allows for 7 types of passion fruit to grow here and you can harvest fresh potatoes four times a year but mostly everything grows here as the altitude of the island provides a great variety of climates.

Add to this the existence of fresh water and a unique irrigation system that allows gardens and farms all over the island access to irrigation water. Madeira has a unique position due to a number of factors aligning here. The island is almost the only location at this latitude not being red listed for already existing draught and if we look at the long term an even wider span than the already large area today spanning from Africa up to France in Europe is expected to suffer draught, however not Madeira. This factor is possibly the most important to consider when looking closer at property investment long term in south of Europe. Madeira’s best kept secret.Madeira Real Estate

Add to this proximity to Europe, a harbour city established over 500 years ago, frequented and inhabited already by the world and sea explorers Zarco and Colombus. In recent years the island has had an increasing number of super iates beginning to visit the harbour both private ones as well as the new type of luxury expedition iates. A beginning trend that indicates an interest for this archipelago that goes beyond the century old recognition of this being one of the most beautiful islands in the world.

Add to this that one of the islands in the archipelago is set to be both Madeira and Porto Santo islands also have perfect conditions for solar cell/panel energy.

The list can continue quite a bit and we are happy to give your further information but we believe you are already on board with what trend we are only seeing the beginning of when it comes to a new perspective on property in Madeira.

Already three years ago our first client contacted us for this purpose and today their villa with extended garden for agricultural farming is being prepared for a new type of sustainable growing of ecological produce here in Madeira. It will be very interesting to follow this development and see the capacity of the quantity of produce that will be grown there. Self sustainable gardening is not in any way new in Madeira, the only thing new is the fact that now it is also being a point of interest for foreigners purchasing property here.

Madeira does see an increased interest in everything from small country side located properties, land for constructing the perfect habitation combining benefits of climate with solar cell energy and gardening potential to full scale large luxury properties focused on safety. Plans are in development for a private cohabiting property to operate as a environmentally friendly hotel for the foreseeable future but actually being owned by individuals wanting to have a safe location in case of a maior global crisis.

FASP considers this development in the property segment of great interest and we will be happy to assist you with finding your perfect property in Madeira. Should you wish to buy land and have a home built or renovate an existing property we can offer project management for this as well.

Contact us and we can start the process of finding your dream property in Madeira already today.