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São Vincente - Madeira Island
About Us


The foundation of FASP is love - love for Portugal and Madeira. For 35 years Portugal and Madeira has played an important part of my life and become a passion that I'm more than happy to share enabling more to discover the beauty of the country, it's islands and perhaps the friendliest population in Europe. Today there are 3 of us in the Ferreira Andrén family involved in this family business and we are based in Madeira as well as Sweden.

Madeira and Portugal today offers fantastic opportunities and not only concerning the beneficial  tax benefits that are available but also when it comes to turning your dream of having a home abroad into reality.

Property is of good quality, the market lost some value in 2010-15 and has since then been steadily on the way up, still offering good value for money and excellent sea view locations. The property market is composed by local and foreign buyers and this in combination with some of Madeira’s unique qualities continues to secure increased property values despite the situation on other markets. The financial development in the region is on a good path forward with raised credit ratings from the global institutes and being indicated for investment due to the overall healthy financial development. This is quite an achievement for a region where tourism is a driving financial factor and the pandemic that we have seen with strong impact on tourism. Madeira handled the pandemic very well and was able to bring tourism back quickly and was among the first regions to offer an open and safe travel destination. Today the tourism industry is at its strongest ever and the investments looking to broaden the tourist market has paid off very well. Today Madeira is attractive for all ages still, not being a party location but more sports, nature, and food orientated.
The unemployment is at its lowest and salaries are increasing. The fact that there are all these combined factors for continued growth strongly indicates that Madeira is on a good trajectory for years to come. We feel truly blessed to call this our home and being able to assist many more to invest in a home or otherwise in property and setting up companies here.

In Portugal legislation has been simplified in order to make it easier as a foreigner to purchase property, start businesses and invest in existing businesses.

Madeira is one of the European regions currently doing most to attract home owners and business investors from abroad and once here you fall may very well fall in love with the island and its potential.