Real Estate Agents in Madeira

Do you have property that qualifies as Selected by FASP that you would like us to present?

We are more than pleased to co-operate with a number of local real estate agents and should you wish to be one of our partners this is what we require.

You are a fully licensed and registered real estate agency, this is very important as we are a consultant acting on behalf of the buyer.

You take time to understand our requirements for properties.

All properties that you contact us regarding have all contracts, licenses and registration documentation updated and is provided up front.

You are fully aware of the Selected by FASP concept - meaning we will only be interested in property that qualifies as a best possible buy when it comes to location, quality, price and view.

The view requires a bit of extra focus - when a property is included in Selected by FASP the view is direct, guaranteed for foreseeable future, not disturbed by an entanglement of electric and telecom wires, car parks, schools, warehouses or such you can enjoy the view when indoors and when seated at your outdoors dining table. In Madeira a FASP view is equal to sea view.

Photos of properties will as of October 2016 only be accepted when taken professionally. We can recommend local photographers for this purpose.